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removal/deportation defense

Removal/Deportation Defense


One of the most frightening and confusing  experiences that a non-citizen can face is the prospect of being detained and deported/removed from the United States by Immigration & Customs Enforcement.  Non-citizens can be placed in “removal proceedings” before the Immigration Court for a variety of reasons: overstaying a visa, violating the terms of a visa, unlawful entry, or being convicted of a crime.

Relief from Removal

A person in removal proceedings can seek termination, waivers, a green-card (adjustment of status), asylum, prosecutorial discretion, and a variety of other forms of “relief” from removal.  Defending against deportation/removal requires experience in providing a strategic and zealous defense, and knowing the intricacies of immigration court litigation.   We are in court every day helping clients with deportation, removal, exclusion, bond hearings, asylum, withholding of removal, protection under the Convention Against Torture, applications for adjustment of status, and waivers of grounds of “inadmissibility.”

We strive to help our clients understand the immigration court process, the various options available and strategies involved, obtaining supporting documentation, and preparing our clients and witnesses for all hearings.