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employment based immigration

At Bardavid Law, we have years of experience in assisting employers of all sizes in obtaining visas for their employees, and helping employees find the immigration solution that works for their needs.  From cooks to engineers to opera singers, we’ve handled applications and petitions for people and companies with vast backgrounds.

In the immigration employment field, there are often several options available, given the variety of visa types.  At Bardavid Law we tailor our representation to each individualized case, recognizing that sometimes creative solutions are required to address complex needs.  We always provide a detailed explanation of the options available, mapping out the benefits, drawbacks, and costs involved in each approach.

There are two types of employment visas, and we handle both. One is for people who are planning on working in the U.S. for a temporary period of time (“non-immigrant visa”), and the other is for people seeking Lawful Permanent Residency (green-card) based upon employment in the U.S. (“immigrant visa”).

The most common type of employment-based visa is the H-1B.  We have a separate page describing the process and requirements for that visa.