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What We Provide

Choosing a lawyer is one of the most important, and consequently difficult, decisions a person can make in the immigration process. At Bardavid Law, we know the stakes for the you: Your right to remain in the U.S., maintaining your family unity, keeping your employment, freedom from detention, and even avoiding danger in your homeland.

Big firm service with a small firm touch

Bardavid Law has chosen to remain a small practice in order to provide a high quality of legal services without losing the personalized client relationship that only a smaller practice can offer. Every person and every case is unique. You will meet directly with a lawyer, who will review your individualized circumstance to provide a tailored representation.

Exclusive immigration focus

Bardavid Law’s practice is limited to immigration and nationality law. As a result, we have developed a knowledge of the ins, outs, and complexities of dealing with USCIS, the immigration courts, and Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

Personal representation, not delegation

Bardavid Law Firm does not delegate its work. Clients have one attorney who is responsible for all stages of representation – from beginning to end. This allows us to be aware of every detail in your case, maintain responsibility, and ensure that nothing gets overlooked.  



Joshua Bardavid knows the importance that his credibility and reputation with the immigration agencies and courts can have in the adjudication of your case. Consequently, we are selective in the cases our firm handles, and only put forth those with sound legal footing and after detail-oriented preparation and presentation.

Honest and thorough consultation

The representation process begins with an initial consultation. When we meet with you, we will give you an honest assessment of your options. If we do not have enough information to make a determination, we will assist you in obtaining the relevant documents and information (sometimes through filing a Freedom of Information Act request for your file). If you are not eligible for the legal status you seek, we will tell you. Our consultations are always honest and open, and we will not take your case unless we can help.


Knowing the status of your case is extremely important. At Bardavid Law, we provide you a copy of your entire case file and constantly update you as developments happen. We guarantee responses to questions and telephone calls within 48-hours.

Affordable fees and payment plans

The cost of legal representation can be extremely high. At Bardavid Law, we believe in keeping our fees reasonable and providing flexible payment plans.

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