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INA § 106, 8 USC § 1105a

§ 1105a. Employment authorization for battered spouses of certain nonimmigrants

(a) In general

In the case of an alien spouse admitted under subparagraph (A), (E)(iii), (G), or (H) of section 1101 (a)(15) of this title who is accompanying or following to join a principal alien admitted under subparagraph (A), (E)(iii), (G), or (H) of such section, respectively, the Secretary of Homeland Security may authorize the alien spouse to engage in employment in the United States and provide the spouse with an “employment authorized” endorsement or other appropriate work permit if the alien spouse demonstrates that during the marriage the alien spouse or a child of the alien spouse has been battered or has been the subject of extreme cruelty perpetrated by the spouse of the alien spouse. Requests for relief under this section shall be handled under the procedures that apply to aliens seeking relief under section 1154 (a)(1)(A)(iii) of this title.
(b) Construction

The grant of employment authorization pursuant to this section shall not confer upon the alien any other form of relief.