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Alice Au

Alice Au has over twenty years of experience as a paralegal in immigration law. She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, and English fluently, as well as Fuzhou and other dialects. She takes pride in her years of service to the Chinese community, done with empathy and unwavering passion.

The joy of Alice’s life is her accomplished son, who has traveled the world, and is now working for Fordham University. Alice is a nationally ranked badminton player and has won numerous tournaments and awards in this athletic endeavor.

Alice Au已超过20年的经验,在移民法的律师助理。她讲一口流利的粤语,普通话和英语,以及福州和其他方言。她在她多年的服务感到自豪的中国社会,同情和坚定的激情做。

Alice的生命的喜悦,是她成功的儿子,谁周游世界,现在已经是Fordham大学的工作。 Alice是一个国家级的羽毛球选手,赢得了众多的比赛和奖项,在这个运动的努力。